Our Farm

Ibaraki Prefecture is located in the northeast of the Kanto region, at the centre of the Japan Islands. With its rich natural environment, it is famed across Japan for its locally grown Andes Quincy melon, Kosui-Hosui pears, red pear, lotus root and Chinese cabbage.

*Compost from Wagyu cattle are often used as organic fertilizer for crops. The number of fattening Wagyu cattle in Ibaraki ranks number 6 Japan-wide.


With the occurence of BSE and fears on pollution and contamination by the environment, we maintain world-class level of information tracking of our Wagyu cattle and all inputs to ensure safety and give a sense of security to customers. 

Our Kuroge (black hair) Wagyu beef are raised with unique and stringent techniques that give all customers an unbeatable sense of security. 


The producers of our Wagyu are located at the foot of Mount Tsubuka in Ibaraki Prefecture. With many years of fattening technology of Shohougyu, the group producers are adept at growing tender meat with fine texture. 

The group exchanges information on fattening method and feeds, and the quality of the final beef product is uniformly consistent.


The farm is outside a town called Shimotsuma in Ibaraki prefecture of the Kanto region in Japan, around 3 hours north of Tokyo by car.

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