Each head of cattle is traced from birth to slaughter with our world class stringent information tracking system.

As the fattening feed is the same for all Shihougyu cattle, the final product is consistent.


BSE testing on all heads of cattle.

JAS certification with full production information.

Every single shipment of Shihougyu Wagyu is tested for radiation in accordance with the strictest standards of Singapore Agri-Foods and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).


Large-scale farm operations by the Shihougyu group (over 2,000 heads of Shihougyu cattle) enables stable shipment throughout the year.


The foot of Mount Tsubuka is a land rich in nature for fattening.

We are implementing the free distribution of organic fertilizers as part of the regional contribution.


Very high (70%) average occurrence of A4 to A5 Wagyu with the best features:

  • Finely marbled meat
  • Juicy
  • Thin fat streaks from shoulder to rump
  • Stringent feeding regimes offers good yield
  • Professionals and experts can recognize that Shihougyu Wagyu is of the highest standard with just one glance

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